What have smartphones done to the internet?

Size has become a big issue. Gone are the days when you knew that your website users would be sitting in front of their desktop PCs with a 15” monitor. Well 17” one if they were lucky.

Of course size has always been an issue. But it’s been about the size of data rather than the size of the gadget the website is going to be viewed on.

So the question that you, as a web site owner, have to ask yourself is :-

“What is your visitor going to be using when they come to your website?”
Are they using their PCs with a 15” monitor? Probably not. It’s more likely that they will be using an iPhone 5 with a 4” display or a Samsung Galaxy S3 with a 4.8” screen. Maybe they are using their tablets such as iPads to view your website.

Websites have to be a lot more USER focused. As the user is switching from his smartphone, to his laptop and then to his tablet the website has to resize itself automatically to accommodate those different sized monitors.
In other words the website has to adapt itself to the technology being used to view it. Rather than designing and building a website for each gadget, wouldn’t it be easier to design one website that adjusts itself or responds to whatever gadget is being used to view it. Makes a lot more sense.

Here are some facts:

  • * 31% of mobile internet users “mostly” go online using their phones Pew 2012
  • * 1 in 8 pageviews are from mobile devices (comScore December 2012)
  • * 75% of customers prefer a mobile friendly site (Google, 2012)
  • * Global internet usage will more than double by 2015, and most of these users will be mobile (Boston Consulting Group, Mary Meeker, Kleiner Perkins, Morgan Stanley Research, Berg Insight via Business Insider)

Does your website have to be responsive to all those gadgets? YES.

What are my options?

Of course you can sit back and wait for all the fuss to calm down and just carry on as you were before. This is going away isn’t it?

Regrettably it isn’t. Sooner or later you will need to convert your website to mobile. It’s that or you end up losing a lot of business.

You can either have a quick solution or you can have your website redesigned and rebuilt. Which one is better? It really depends on what you need.

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