Build Your Website

There are some good options available for building mobile websites.

Options include automated website-to-mobile-converters to php scripts and wordpress mobile plugins for example.

Example of some mobile friendly websites

Some key questions we need to ask ourselves is this:

  1. How much time do we have? This will limit our choices.  1 day, 1 week or 1 month.
  2. How much are we willing to spend and how would we like to pay? A monthly fee or a Once-off fee.
  3. Do we need a custom web design or are we happy with choosing a pre-built template that suits our needs?
  4. Do we  just want to re-use our current website or build a brand new website?
  5. Do we want a mobile-only website or should our website be accessible on all devices including; PCs, Laptops, Tablets and Smartphones?

Now that we have a better idea of what our needs are we can take the next step.

Option 1: Get a Custom Mobile Website that Works on All devices

  • Time-frame – You have some time to do it properly
  • Full Service – Let other people what they are good at
  • Customized – Spend a bit more on the right solution
  • Designer – Update to a fresh new design that fits the time
  • Click here for a Custom Mobile Website Solution


Option 2: Get A Quick Solution That Automatically Converts A Website To Mobile

  • Quick – You need a solution now
  • Affordable – You have a small budget / FREE option available
  • Self Service – You know your way around web design
  • Get Mobile– You love your website, you just need it to work on mobile devices
  • Click here for a  Quick Automatic Website Conversion


Option 3:  WordPress Website: Get A Plugin That Gives Mobile Functionality 

  • Do It Yourself – You know your way around the web and take the DIY approach
  • Budget– You have a small budget but still need a quality solution
  • Time-Frame – Takes Longer, requires set-up & testings
  • Be Mobile Friendly – You just need your site to work on mobile devices
  • Click here for WordPress Plugins that give mobile functionality