Mobile Internet Madness – 7 Ways People Connect

People are increasingly “connected.” Your home likely offers a landline, a TV connected to the wall, and a pc connected to the internet. All those items work well when you’re at your house. Any time you aren’t at home, the portable Internet gives you access to a wide range of information, applications, and services to help you with your daily lifestyle needs:

Browse the Web.

You could possibly browse internet sites to buy, bank, look for the nearest pharmacy, or read the latest weather forecast.

Stay Connected.

Send e-mail, talk to friends, or upload new pictures to your loved ones blog. Chapter 10 offers the details on e-mailing, chatting, and blogging.

Go shopping. Should you decide forget your loyalty-rewards or coupons cards at home, just take out your touch screen phone and connect to the mobile Internet, and you could possibly retrieve them.

Tablet Device Used to Connect to the Internet

Tablet Device Used to Connect to the Internet

Find sports scores.

Should you decide missed the latest results of the football game or your preferred Big Brother episode, take a look live from your own mobile phone. How to connect to almost all of these forms of services will be visit your wireless carrier’s mobile Internet site or portal; one particular requested and common mobile Internet services are all there for you. In the event that mobile Internet sites offered by the wireless carrier do not satisfy your needs, you may go straight to the made-for-mobile site of your favorite online bank, store, blog or any other kind of service. Browsing made-for-mobile Internet sites is similar to browsing at home, but mobile Internet sites and services are made to provide you what you will need when you need it on your own smartphone.

Here’s a quick tour of the various forms of contents and services offered on many popular made-for-mobile sites:

Keep up with all the hottest news stories, weather, sports, reports scores and stock prices.

From CNN to ESPN and through the Weather Channel to Yahoo! Finance, all these mainstream Internet services now have made-for-mobile Internet sites and offerings.

See the latest music video of your favorite band and then download the song to your mobile phone.

Have a look at Verizon Wireless V Cast or the T-Mobile T-Zone service. A quick search on Google helps you find all your valuable entertainment options on the portable Internet.

Take a look at banking services.

If you need to check your balance, transfer funds, or find the nearest ATM, a number of excellent made-for-mobile Internet sites have you covered: Bank of America, Citibank, Wachovia

The mobile internet is growing at a steady rate. If you own a website, do you know what it looks like on a mobile device?

You can find out what your website looks like on a mobile device for your desktop pc. Make the mobile friendly website test.

Smartphones Ultimately Overtook Cellphone Sales

Mobile website development will get a big boost from this report.

Analyst Gartner has published its newest smartphone market report, along with the Q2 2013 figures reveal the inescapable ultimately took place: smartphone sales surpassed function phone sales the very first time. Android operating system has already been strangling the life span out of cellphones for many years, but information technology appears to be at the tipping point.

responsive website Iphone

A mobilewebsite as see on an iPhone

In the second quarter Gartner claims  internationally smartphones purchases rose 46% to hit 225 million products transported. Purchases of feature phones decreased 22%. Smartphone shipments grew substantially in Latin United States Of America, Asia Pacific and Eastern Europe. Android operating system is nearing almost 80% of global marketshare for 2nd quarter.

The climbing wave of international smartphone ownership is growing on all fronts , but Samsung continues to control the smartphone marketplace. Gartner reported Samsung increased its share. Information technology nevertheless provided more, even more  iPhones than in 12012. iPhone sales are plummeting under higher smartphone marketplace development prices.


Quick tips to convert your website to mobile

Great tips for you to take note of when converting to mobile

Looking for a quick solution to convert your website to mobile? Here are a few tips for you if you to consider whether you design and build your own websites, or if you plan to work with a web designer.


Should you need to bother about this? After all your website users won’t mind if they can’t see your website that well on their smartphones. Wrong. They do. Users are migrating onto smartphones in big numbers. And the younger generation isn’t bothered with desktop PCs that much anymore.


As much as you can take your website and plug it into GinWiz’s clever system to create a mobile version of your website it’s always going to be an interim solution. A quick fix and cheap one. And that could be what you need right now of course. But do realise you will eventually have to go for a redesign and rebuild. That is if your website is important to your business.

Example of some mobile friendly websites

Nice example of a mobile friendly website on mobile devices

Here are some basic tips for converting your website to mobile.


Tip 1. Don’t hide anything

This is a short cut you should avoid.  Hiding half the website. You might think that smartphone users don’t need all that information. Users would find it tedious to scroll for so long. Interestingly this opens up its own can of worms doesn’t it. How much of your website content is routinely read. Have you checked your statistics to see how many of your pages are actually visited never mind read?


Instead of leaving out half the copy you have on your website it might be easier to re-write your copy to a format that people really want to read. Make it snappy so that it is short enough for smartphone users to scroll and read comfortably.  Google loves content the SEO dudes are shouting at this precise moment. Of course google loves good content. But approach content differently. Keep a blog, post lots of snippets on Facebook and link back to your site, send out an active Twitter stream or post on LinkedIn.


Tip 2. Size does count

There is a trend to bold font sizes and bold graphics. Don’t forget bigger and easier to use buttons. (see Windows 8 tiles and their popularity!) Nothing is more irritating than trying to touch a button that is too small to point at. Maybe we should get back to the good old days with drop shadows on your buttons. Oh no. Not that again! No of course not. But make the buttons bigger.


Tip 3. Use some trick to manage content

Accordions are a clever trick to hide away content that can be revealed at the click of an arrow/button/icon. And hey presto an entire story can be told in manageable bite sizes and at the wish of the user. Not interested in reading that section on a website? No problem. Scroll past it. Quickly.


Tip 4. Realise you are not going to win them all

Can you even imagine this. Facebook sees 7,000 different types of mobile devices visiting its site daily. Testing for all of these requires a developer pool like Facebook has. You don’t though. Go for the main ones. No web designer will have the budget to buy every single gadget with every version of operating system out there. You will be lucky if there are two or three of them.


In fact if you expected your web designer to have every gadget you would not be able to afford your responsive web site. Downsize your expectations. It will help to keep you sane.


Four tips for converting your website to mobile

Those are just a few short and punchy tips for you to consider when considering responsive web design. Converting your website to mobile is definitely something you need to consider. The question that remains to be answered is whether there is a quick and cheap solution available for you or whether you need to go to the expensive of a total redesign and redevelopment. Either one could work for you.

iPads: Why use responsive website design?

The Death of the PC?

During the holiday season of 2012 a surprising and impressive figure revealed that 48% of U.s youngsters asked Father Christmas for an iPad. A further notable fact is that 29% of grownup American citizens possess an iPad tablet or another portable virtual reader device. This was only 2% lower than 3 years ago.

So where exactly is the Computer heading? Probably to the museum. Nevertheless there will probably always be people that utilize the Personal computer as their tool for work who will require them. Manufacturers, creative designers, musos, movie producers and others. But even in this regard there could be changes coming. All things considered, the Computer as we all know it is experiencing a resolution.

responsive website Iphone

A responsive website as see on an iPhone

So why the iPad tablet?
What has started this particular shift? There’ll be lots of folk referring to the shift and they will likely offer many rational reasons. At a quick glance the principle points could be mobility along with touch. It is so much easier to shove the iPad tablet right into a bag or book bag.

Even the notebook still needed a padded back pack to safely carry the device. And at a number of kg it was always going to be just a little too hefty. Enter the iPad tablet and you now have a very practical small pc that quickly fits in a large bag and is light-weight too. You can add to that the pleasing sensory element of the device where regular hand motions will maneuver programs about, start them and close them. Instinctive, natural, smooth.

Obviously just as with everything else it takes two partners to dance together. The iPad tablet had become successful due to the fact that programmers moved into overdrive mode to produce wonderful apps, apps for gaming, apps to make your day-to-day live simpler, apps to search with, apps to perform your job with plus so much more. Whatever you can think of, there is very likely an app for it.

Precisely what might this mean for a website?
This means one simple thing. Your site ought to display as perfect on a iPad device as it will on your computer. Website visitors might be using an iPad device to browse your website and to check on your services or merchandise. Can anyone afford to just take a chance that visitors will like a “boring”” iPad tablet styled website? Certainly not. You can’t trust that visitors to your website are flexible. Most likely they will simply click away from your website promptly. They may look for an alternative website where they might get the answer they are searching for. One that is apple iPad friendly.

Your web-site demands responsive webdesign
Because the scary fact is that 46% of visitors will not return to your website when they find it tablet or mobile unfriendly. Can you afford to shed almost 50 % of your prospects? Make use of responsive website design to make your site adaptive. Also that means it will work on all devices that visitors could be utilizing to come to your site.

When ever you observe a figure such as the one previously mentioned you will certainly realise that the realm of the internet is evolving as we speak. Needless to say the web has long been able to modify shape and size. Web designers have previously controlled the shape by using a one size fits all approach. The new world-wide-web is adaptive.

Mobile Friendly Websites Make It Big

A farewell for the PC with a roaring welcome to Mobile Friendly Wesites

PC sales decrease an astonishing 14% during first quarter of 2013

Sales data reveal a stunning drop in Computer sales with just Lenovo growing their share of the market due almost entirely to sales in Asia. It seems like the somewhat panic stricken computer manufacturing industry is faulting Microsoft for their diminishing sales. The said savior, Windows 8 appears to be driving people away. Maybe that could be what research firm IDC would like us to assume. Windows 8 is just not bringing them into stores.

World wide dispatch of Computers fell by 14% in the first three months of 2013. It is the sharpest drop since IDC commenced tracking the PC business way back in 1994.

In an effort to stem the tide Microsoft launched a revolutionary new operating system in their Windows 8 update. It’s totally different look was expected to re-invigorate the desktop computer market sales. Nonetheless it did not do that. In reality it added to the slowdown in Computer sales.

Why exactly might one hope for Windows 8 to come to the rescue?

It’s surely not the first time that manufacturers have totally missed the boat and gone bankrupt. Polaroid, Ilford Photo & AgfaPhoto in the imaging industry spring to mind. How many consumers are buying film for their cameras nowadays? Or what about HMV, Music Zone, Tower Records and the list of dead music businesses? The list goes on. Did no one see the danger of iTunes?


Example of a mobile friendly website as seen on a smartphone

It happens quite regularly that big manufactures don’t recognize a radical industry development before it’s too late. Think of digital photography and one song music sales through an online store. Adapting quick enough is hard. It’s far simpler to fault someone else given that they didn’t notice the shift happening. And they will probably never admit that they got it wrong. Instead blame Microsoft for not helping the computing industry.

Computer manufacturers pinned their dreams on a remarkable operating-system in order to rescue the sales of their products. But in reality consumers have been migrating away from Computers not due to their operating system but due to mobility.

Yes Microsoft built in brand new abilities to aid touch. however touch isn’t the single factor that raised tablet and smart phone sales through the stratosphere. It’s mobility. It’s convenience. It’s the supply of large number of Apps for the mobile gadgets entering onto the market place. However, at the end of the day, it’s all related to portability.

Just what does this imply for the web design industry?

Has this influenced the web design industry? Profoundly of course. Suddenly the consumer is no longer browsing websites on their sturdy desktop machine with predictable monitor sizes. Suddenly websites need to be viewable within a range of display sizes that is almost unthinkable.

This means that Mobile Friendly Websites have arrived with a vengeance.  Websites ought to be created with responsive web design in mind. Your customer could be using their tablet or smartphone to find your website. Are you prepared for it?

Convert Website to Mobile

The mobile web is growing at a ridiculous rate.

Mobilize your business to gain more local search customers.
Convert your website to mobile friendly.

Here is why:

According to the Google/Ipsos 2012 report it is said that;

“Smartphones have become an indispensable part of our daily lives. Smartphone penetration has risen to 44% of the population and these smartphone owners are becoming increasingly reliant on their devices.”

Another 66% access the Internet every day on their smartphone and most never leave home without it. Implication: Businesses that make mobile a central part of their strategy will benefit from the opportunity to engage the new constantly connected consumer.”

A whopping 94% look for local information on their smartphone and a further66% visit the business, either in-store or online, after completing a local search.

Ok, I don’t know about you, but I am convinced. I imagine it is wise to service this demand as soon as possible. Why get left behind when the web is clearly shifting towards mobile?

Now is the time to Convert a Website to Mobile

So we have been very busy researching the internet to see how to setup a new mobile website. There are some interesting options out there. Some are really good and some are just downright confusing. Here is the best one we have found.

On the other hand what do you do if you already have an existing website? The first prize would definitely be converting your current website to be mobile friendly. One of the better mobile website converters out there can be found here. Oh yes and signup is free too. Bonus!

Source: Google/Ipsos 2012